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What is the Crohn's Disease Initiative?
In the early 1980's, the isolation of M. paratuberculosis from patients with Crohn's disease lead to the suggestion that this organism might be the causative agent in some cases. For almost 25 years now, this theory has lingered without making any significant progress in establishing or dismissing causality, and the field has become a highly controversial subject. This lingering controversy has largely been created by the loss of focus and bias on both sides of the issue thereby creating an inhospitable atmosphere that hinders progress. The Crohn's Disease Initiative was established to bring focus back into the field and perform objective scientific research that will define the role, if any, of M. paratuberculosis in Crohn's disease and bring an end to this controversy...
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Dr. Chiodini Message from Dr. Chiodini
It has been almost 25-years since I first isolated M. paratuberculosis from a patient with Crohn's disease and suggested that this organism might be the cause of some cases of Crohn's disease. Since that time, I have seen this suggestion turn into a hostile polarized controversy created in large part by the loss of objectivity on both sides of the issue.

After over 15-years, I have come out of retirement to lead The Crohn's Disease Initiative and bring an end to this controversy ...
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If you are interested in helping us solve this problem, there are many things you can do to help and be an active participant in The Crohn's Disease Initiative.

To accomplish our goals will require a great deal of effort and money, but doing nothing and allowing the issue to continue to linger will cost even more. To succeed, we are going to need your help and support. Learn why you should support our efforts and how you can help us solve this problem and question once and for all.
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